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Tennis Court Crack Repair


We often hear “my biggest issues with maintaining our tennis courts are dealing with the cracks”. Unfortunately, this is a huge part of maintaining a safe and playable court surface. Tennis/Athletic courts are made up of either asphalt or concrete with a small rock or stone base, due to the heating and cooling of the asphalt or concrete surface we get expansion and contraction. When the court surface starts to stress from this constant movement any week areas of the court will start to pull away, sometimes this is due to settling or washed out base materials under the court surface. It is also a common occurrence to see the cracking right down the white tennis court lines, this is due to refraction of the sun from the white paint, you also see this on asphalt roads where the white is painted. At Surface Pro, we use our more 30 years of combined experience to mitigate these issues as much as posable by backfilling the affected areas of cracks during the repair process. We then use a proprietary mix of acrylic patch binder and Portland concrete to make the appropriate repairs of the cracks. After which we use a special purpose stone to grind down any edges before we repaint the repaired cracks.




Crack Repair Services

  • Tennis Court Crack Repair
  • Basketball court Crack Repair
  • Pickleball Court Crack Repair
  • Athletic Court Crack Repair
  • Acrylic court Crack Repairs
Is there any way to repair the cracks without completely resurfacing our tennis court?

Yes, if you have some hairline and even larger structural cracks we can repair them and paint over just the repairs.