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Armor Crack Repair


At Surface Pro We have spent the last 12 plus years perfecting the crack repair process.  Through this journey years back we discovered the Armor patch Crack Repair System.   This process uses a patented technology and process of repairing the existing cracks by installing a fiberglass type mesh to float over the top of the crack. By doing this the cracks can open and close undderneith the repair and not show through the court.  While this system is not a full proof never fail system it is one of the best and can be a very cost effective option. To learn more about this process please message us or give us a call today!

Crack Repair Services

  • Tennis Court Crack Repair
  • Basketball court Crack Repair
  • Pickleball Court Crack Repair
  • Athletic Court Crack Repair
  • Acrylic court Crack Repairs