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Owning and maintaining a tennis or athletic court surface can be a daunting task.  There are many areas of tennis court maintenance that if ignored could cost the property owner a mighty sum. As one of the industry leaders in court maintenance and repair we are here to help. While there are many procedures that should only be completed by our trained maintenance professionals there are some tasks every property owner can and should be doing.

Keep them clean of debris

All tennis and athletic courts should stay clean of organic materials such as leaves, grass, pine needles, and general garbage. The acidity of the organic materials mixed with water can eat the paint right off your court.

Keep them dry

The last thing you want on your tennis court is water, keep them dry by blowing them off or using a standard drying roller. Standing water on a tennis court will eat away the paint and cause moss and mold.

Not a bike track

This is very important to the life of your courts, please keep roller blades, skates and bikes off of your tennis court. The markup and can damage the surface. This goes for remote control cars and trucks as well.

Do not power wash them

Unless you are planning on a full repair and resurface you should never power wash your courts. The process of power washing the courts removes the silica sand and top layer of paint, this makes for a dangerous situation and can be very expensive to fix.

Keep the cracks maintained

We can not emphasize enough how important it is to have your cracks repaired annually.  The wider and deeper the cracks get the more permanent damage they can do. Water that intrudes into the crack can freeze and expand causing heaving and major damage, call us today to get on our schedule.

Stay off of unsafe courts

We at Surface Pro understand just how much fun people can have on a properly maintained tennis court. However, the dangers of an unmaintained court are real as well and it’s never worth the risk. From tripping hazards on a cracked and heaving court to a slip and fall that could paralyze someone forever, it’s simply not worth the risk call us today to perform a safety check on your court.